Lange Photo is the London-based studio of commercial photographer Doro Lange.


J.P. Garcia is an award winning cinematographer based in London. A member of the Brazilian Society of Cinematographers (A.B.C.), J.P. has been visually telling stories from a young age. After graduating from university, J.P. began working as an Art Director in some of Brazil's top advertising agencies. Following extensive training in New York and London, he commenced his cinematography career. 

In 2017 J.P. was nominated by the ABC for Best Cinematography on a Short Film with 'Chapeu de Bico'. Most recently, his film 'Thursday Night', directed by Portuguese director Gonçalo Almeida has been nominated at Sundance.

In February of this year, his feature film 'Oh, Ramona!, directed by Cristina Jacob will have it's theatrical release.